Conclusions from 9th General Assembly (GA) of Association of Mediterranean Network of Establishments for Veterinary Education (REEV-Med) held on 3 June, 2021.

9th General Assembly (GA) of Association of Mediterranean Network of Establishments for Veterinary Education (REEV-Med) held on 3 June, 2021 at 14:00 – 16:30 (CET) via zoom meeting. 9th GA attended 37 participants (deans, vice deans, delegates, members, observers), representing 28 Veterinary educational establishments from 16 Mediterranean countries (France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia, Albania, Serbia, Spain, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, North Macedonia, Greece)

Main conclusions:

  1. GA adopted amendments to Statute of REEV-Med regulating:
    a. compositions of Executive Committee (EC) by 8 members for better geographical coverage and representations of Mediterranean countries,
    b. eligibility for election of members of EC
    c. on-line general assembly and electronic voting in extraordinary and necessary circumstances determined by the EC.
  2. After the voting of the amendments, 5 missing members of EC were elected anonymously and mandate of new and fully completed EC is confirmed.
  3. Members of Executive Committee of REEV-Med with mandate 2021-2023 are:
    Prof.dr Nihad Fejzic, president, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Prof.dr Noursaid Tligui, vice president, Marrocco
    Prof.dr Ettriqui Abdelfettah, secretary, Tunisia
    Prof.dr Pierre Sans, treasure, France
    Prof.dr Ehab Abu Basha, member, Jordan
    Prof.dr Naim Deniz Ayaz, member, Turkey
    Prof.dr Daniel De Meneghi, member, Italy
    Prof.dr Andrej Kirbis, member, Slovenia
  4. The results of the survey on the systems and educational practices applied by the selection of Veterinary educational establishments (VEE) in veterinary during the pandemic period were presented, evaluated and discussed.
  5. Future activities and alternatives to improve inter-institutional cooperation was discussed.
  6. GA accepted new members, so currently 28 VEEs participate in work of REEV-Med. Other VEEs form Mediterranean region were invited to join on next GA that will be held in December 2021. Executive Committee will set and update goals for REEV-Med with an action plan for 2021-2023.
  7. Funding opportunity for REEV-Med through projects and other means need to be identified and applied.
  8. Members of REEV-Med agreed on importance of this network in promotion and fostering external evaluation and accreditation. However, further strengthening of this network and intensification of collaboration and cooperation under umbrella of OIE will contribute to overall mission of veterinary services. The role of OIE in this process is vital.
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